iSmartNav gives you the platform you need for location-based services—whether it’s enhancing the customer experience in your buildings/premises like shopping mall, or keeping track of your warehouse fleet.

iSmartNav is an integrated system where every part has been engineered to work in synergy. This holistic approach results in robust indoor positioning and minimal maintenance.

With instant notification of any issues, problems can be resolved immediately from a remote PC to minimise any potential downtime.


User friendly, Ease of use

With a user-centered approach, iSmartNav is designed with simplicity and usability in mind. From installation and calibration to operation and management has been designed to be effective, efficient and easy to learn


Provide detailed description of locations, points of interest, services and amenities.


iSmartNav provide detailed maps of your campus/buildings with the option of turn by turn directions.


iSmartNav system prevent visitor's confusion on how how to find their way from a parking lot to a building, or between multiple floors or any room on your premises.

1-Click Update

iSmartNav Publisher Module not only publishes your floor plan to all kiosks in the network, but also to your mobile website and regular website from the Internet with just 1-click.


System is access protected and utilises secure and encrypted network connections.

Cross Platform, Flexible

iSmartNav system allows users to find the indoor route and information on any mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Automatic Monitoring & Support

System incorporates auto recovery features and built-in secure network connectivity to equip you with real-time alerts, remote device monitoring and control.

About iSmartNav

iSmartNav is an indoor positioning system and services company that offers accurate and robust indoor positioning for smartphones. The indoor positioning services include wayfinding, turn by turn directions, geofencing for location based messaging, remote device monitoring and control etc.

We believe in engaging with people through innovative software development and excellent service, to create superior interactive digital solutions that allow improved communication and an enhanced user experience

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