About Us

Who We Are

iSmartNav is an indoor positioning system and services company that offers accurate and robust indoor positioning for smartphones. The indoor positioning services include wayfinding, turn by turn directions, geofencing for location based messaging, remote device monitoring and control etc.

We believe in engaging with people through innovative software development and excellent service, to create superior interactive digital solutions that allow improved communication and an enhanced user experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to augment the mobile experience of people's every day life, making it more efficient and exciting. iSmartNav has developed the most accurate, smooth and robust indoor positioning system that works on any smartphone in all types of environments.

With our excellent in-house team of developers, designers, technical support, sales and marketing staff, we are confident that we can make it!

Our Excellence

We continually develop the technology we provide to keep our solutions cutting-edge, fresh and innovative. Our customers are at the heart of the development process, ensuring products are easy-to-use and exploit the most up-to-date technical attributes.